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8 Safe Sites for Downloading Windows Software

Windows has tons of free software, and of course there are lots of websites where you can down load it. But the issue is that a lot of those freeware download websites claiming are the very best, bundle the applications using custom builders, adware and crap ware (Download.com, FileHippo along with Softonic are big culprits). Often the developers of this freeware do know their software will be bundled with all types of other activities.

Yet , there are still several websites which don’t bundle crapware with the true computer software. This list are a number of safe applications download sites where it’s not necessary to work with bloat and other awful stuff.

1. Filepuma

Maybe not the largest repository of software, but one among the cleanest and most user-friendly terms of not even foisting advertising or dodgy installers on you, Filepuma is just a superb choice for the applications downloads. Absolutely amazing collectionnds roms At romshub.com has all the main stream stuff you’d expect — from Skype into Google-Drive via Dropbox.

There’s plenty more unique software here too, which is all pretty easy to find using the categories list in the left-hand pane. The most widely used applications in the various types is listed on the home page, which is just about all there is to it. Minimal and elegant, with just a slight prejudice towards Glarysoft utilities, even Filepuma is actually a great simple option for the software downloads.

2. SourceForge

The hugely popular download site tends to make it into our list after going through something of a turnaround lately. We originally uttered Sourceforge since it had been owned by Dice since 2012, and because of the infamous”DevShare” program bundled its downloads using various other software you probably did not desire.

SourceForge was sold to BizX at 2016, and ever since that time has not merely had a nice new look, but been systematically removing those dodgy installers.

To put it differently, SourceForge is back to being the great site it once was, if not much better.


If you are on the lookout for any official Windows software, whether it’s security tools, Microsoft Office, or an ISO for Windows 10 it self, then your official Microsoft site ought to really be the primary port of call. You’ll not just find all the application packages you desire but additionally optional updates and hot fixes including the .NET frame, motorist kits, and service packs to get matters like the Microsoft Flight Simulator games. Moreover, if you have to put in mature software like Internet Explorer (do not do it!) , you can. Naturally, you shouldn’t expect you’ll locate thirdparty software on the official site. For that, you will need to research on.

4. Ninite

Ninite is among the better free software downloading sites that offers some popular software such as Chrome, VLC, Gimp, Foobar, along with Spotify. When using the Ninite you don’t have to worry about the bundled crap ware, and most importantly you can install all of the software you would like with only a click or 2. You do not have to set up each and every software separately; Ninite automatically downloads the latest version and installs it for you.


MajorGeeks is among the web sites that looks really old with its outdated web designing, nonetheless it really is among the most reputable free applications downloading websites it doesn’t bundle the actual applications in any habit installers and won’t trick you into downloading the crapware. Though the website is maintained by just a couple of geeksthey actually test the software under consideration for any ad ware or crapware before list it on their website.

6. Softpedi

Softpedia is one of the biggest and most common free software download web sites where you can find just about any paid and free applications you would like for numerous programs. The fantastic thing concerning Softpedia is you will always have the newest version of the applications you desire. Furthermore, Softpedia additionally supplies you with applications reviews and actual screenshots for nearly all of the popular and most-used applications.

7. DownloadCrew

DownloadCrew is one of the web sites that includes a messy user interface where it lists a bunch of applications right on the homepage with small fonts and materials. However, while downloading using this site, you don’t have to think about the customized installer crap ware. Moreover, you can find software for several platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, and i-OS.

8. SnapFile

SnapFiles is yet another freeware download site it doesn’t package any crapware whatsoever. Certainly one of the best reasons for having SnapFiles is the different types where you will find the most effective 100 free applications, latest user reviews, high user favorites, high mobile apps, etc.. Just like any other site on this particular checklist, you can readily search for or utilize different applications categories to quickly find your favorite applications.


Surely I may have overlooked a number of those other trusted applications download internet sites where it is possible to down load applications without having to be concerned about the custom installers and other crapware. After all is said and done, you need to be attentive once you are downloading and installing a program. Furthermore, the sites listed below aren’t perfect and might be subject to change as time goes on. Being a little careful not hurts.

Do comment below sharing your ideas and experiences about using the above web sites to download free computer software. Additionally, talk about your favorite software download websites that are clear of crapware (besides the true developer sites).

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